Sunday, June 16, 2024
3 PM

Come for the films, stay for the LOVE!

It is our pleasure to invite you to celebrate with us at our FREE 20th Anniversary Reception, the penultimate event of this year's Film Festival. Join us on June 16th at 3 PM at the Presidio Theatre Outdoor Plaza.

What a Joyful Reunion it will be! Featuring an incredible lineup of performances, delicious food brought to you by Vegan Hood Chefs and Cafe Gabriela, wine from Scarlet Fox, and our QWOCMAP Classic Signature Drink.

Experience an unforgettable afternoon filled with music, community, and celebration!


  • Cajun Mac and Cheese (vegan)
    egg free noodles baked with cajun spices and coconut milk
  • Jambalaya (vegan)
    vegan sausage, bell peppers, onions, garlic, rice, celery, tomatoes, jackfruit
  • Fried Chick'n (vegan)
    marinated jackfruit breaded in cajun spices and deep fried
  • Corn Bread Muffin (vegan)
  • Collard Greens (vegan)
  • Tomato Mozzarella Salad
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Pork Adobo
  • Pancit Bam-I
  • Rice


  • Organic Lemonade
  • Italian Blood Orange Soda
  • Sparkling Pink Lemonade
  • Red Quartz Pinot Noir
  • Green Quartz Sauvignon Blanc
  • QWOCMAP Classic Signature Drink
    Ketel One Vodka, organic lemonade, blackberry syrup


DJ Love LeyLove Ley is a queer multi-faceted female DJ, creative director, and community enthusiast. Born and raised in North Carolina, she moved to California as the first stop in trailblazing her own path and establishing her identity. Though passionate about global sounds ranging from RnB, House, and Afrobeats, her ultimate goal behind the decks is to create experiences where people feel safe enough to get lost in the music and wherever it may take them.

A Japanese-American woman with short cropped dark hair with peppered grey looks up with a soft smile on her face. She wears a blue garment with white patterns on it.Tiffany Tamaribuchi is a trailblazer and internationally renowned in the world of taiko.  A respected teacher, she has taught hundreds of workshops and master classes worldwide for over three decades. Highlight live performances throughout her career include appearances at Carnegie Hall, the Bolshoi Circus Theatre, the Düsseldorf Tonhalle, and Suntory Hall in Japan, as well as at innumerable local, regional, and national festivals and events.

First training and performing nationally as a member of San Francisco Taiko Dojo, she went on to tour internationally as a professional performer with Za Ondekoza, and later with a number professional groups and artists from throughout Japan and North America. She has since spent a lifetime building bridges between artists and cultures in the global taiko community. Her career also includes a groundbreaking win at the 2002 OTAIKO Hibike All Japan Odaiko Contest an, and a finalist position in the first Tokyo International Ippon-Uchi Odaiko Competition. Tiffany inspired the historic HERbeat concert, and is a featured artist in the documentary feature "Finding Her Beat." Her own groups include the JODAIKO international taiko collective and Sacramento Taiko Dan, and more recently the  Kasuga Onigumi. She is currently the Artistic Director of Portland Taiko.

A light-skinned Black woman with long brown braids holds two bachi sticks over her shoulder and smiles brightly at the camera.Sascha Molina is the Artistic Director of Sacramento Taiko Dan and the Director of the Sacramento Taiko Dan Youth Performing Ensemble. She is a performing member of the all female taiko group Jodaiko (lead by Tiffany Tamaribuchi) and the North American Kasuga Onigumi. Sascha regularly collaborates with other Taiko performers as well as artists from other disciplines, including vocal, martial arts, and dance. As a taiko instructor, Sascha enjoys teaching all age groups, But focuses on giving youth players opportunities to grow and learn a myriad of life skills through music and cultural literacy. Sascha has designed and implemented Taiko curriculum for youth ages K- 12 that combines rhythm and whole body movement with Japanese history, culture and language skills.

NOBODY'S GIRL, featured in Can I Have Her Number?, is a Vietnamese-American recording artist and award winning actress whose short films have screened across the globe. She works in production management and creative direction in the film industry, and privately teaches contemporary singing and songwriting techniques. A lot of her works are highly introspective and become more gradually existential with each album. She does not believe in being confined to one genre and feels that none of her albums sound the same.

To NOBODY'S GIRL, her artist name signifies autonomy and agency and she lovingly writes her music for a demographic she calls the Lonely Angels. She says, "Anybody can feel lonely so maybe my music isn't for everybody but it's for anybody." NOBODY'S GIRL currently resides in the Bay Area with her family and regularly makes trips to Los Angeles to work on her fifth studio album, "NØT4EVRYBDY."

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