QWOCMAP strives to make our annual International Queer Women of Color Film Festival a place of safety, welcome, and belonging that is accessible to all who want to participate.

We acknowledge that ending ableism is an ongoing process, even among those of us with disabilities.
We ask that you work with us to make the Film Festival enjoyable for all minds and bodies.
Please help us to serve you better by communicating needs and requests that we have not yet addressed.

Speak with our Safety & Care crew (identified by RED badges), who will be happy to help you.
Share your experience via the Film Event Accessibility Scorecard.

COVID Safety


Our COVID safety guidelines are designed for the safety of our Sick & Disabled community and therefore will benefit everyone.

Blind & Low Vision

Audio DescriptionBlind

Audio Description

ALL films have English audio description.

There will be 5 headphones available at the front Front Desk to listen to the audio description.


Tactile Maps

Tactile maps of the venue will be available at the Front Desk.

Contact Presidio Theatre to request a tactile map mailed in advance.



Information about the screenings is also available in the Festival Schedule.

The Film Festival Program is available as a plain text, screen-reader-friendly PDF.


Emergency Lights

Emergency lights flash but do NOT make sound.

Ushers are briefed on emergency procedures for Blind and Low Vision audience members.

Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

ASLAssisted Listening Devices

Open Captions

ALL films have English Open Captions / Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.


ASL interpretation

ASL interpreters will be on site for all screenings and the Festival Reception.

People who need ASL interpretation can sit in the orchestra section near the stage so that they have a better view of the ASL Interpreters.


Assistive listening devices

Listen Tech devices, with both headphones and neck loops for Telecoil, are available at the Front Desk.


FREE childcare is provided during the Film Festival.

Please register your children by June 13, 2024 so we can accommodate your childcare needs.

For your ease, comfort, and accessibility, we've collaborated with Our Family Coalition to provide your child with a fun, safe, and play-centered Childcare experience while you enjoy the Film Festival.


There are padded theater seats with arms.

In the orchestra, there are 8 aisle seats with an armrest that can be lifted.

There are also padded seats without arms for comfort, that support up to 800 lbs.

Fragrance Free

Scent Free Zone

There is a Fragrance Free seating section in the first few rows of the orchestra, for people with environmental injuries and chemical sensitivity. There is a moat of seats for people who are Fragrance Free but not chemically injured.

We work with the venue to use Fragrance Free, non-toxic cleaning products, hand soap, and other supplies.

We need everyone's help to be Fragrance Free and smoke free. We respectfully request that all Film Festival attendees AVOID "fragrance" products, and REFRAIN from wearing, bathing with, using on their bodies, or washing their clothes with products that have "fragrance," "perfume," "parfum," or "scent" listed on the ingredients list on the label, as well as essential oils and "natural" scents.

Please check your scent use and use these tips to stay Fragrance Free before and during the Film Festival.

Smokers: please air out your clothes and wash your hands and mouth when you enter the theater to reduce the impact on chemically injured people. Check the Smokers section below.



Those who smoke cigarettes and use tobacco vape pens must do so outdoors at least 200 feet away from the venue entrance.



We understand that some people smoke and use cannabis products for their health and wellbeing. We want to ensure that you can do so safely, which means outside of the Presidio National Park.

SAFETY ADVISORY: when entering the Presidio there is a shift in law, from those of the City of San Francisco and the State of California, to those of the U.S. government.

The venue is located inside the National Park and is governed by federal law. Therefore, it prohibits the possession AND consumption of marijuana/cannabis, including vape pens. Federal penalties are harsh. Please consume safely.

Wheelchairs & Mobility


There are benches outside located near the venue entrance.

Those using wheelchairs, mobility devices, and others with mobility issues can go to the front of the line to enter.

The lobbies, auditorium, and All Genders restrooms are wheelchair accessible. There is an elevator to reach the bathrooms in the lower lobby, and all other areas can be reached from the ground floor.

There is mobility seating toward the back of the orchestra.

Service Animals

Service Dog

There is a Fragrance Free seating section for folks who are chemically injured AND have hypoallergenic guide dogs or trained service animals.

We encourage those with guide dogs or trained service animals towards the back of the orchestra or mezzanine stage left, away from the Fragrance Free seating section.

Those with service animals that are NOT trained as service animals may sit in the mezzanine stage right, away from the Fragrance Free and guide dog sections.

Crisis Counselors

Crisis Counselors

Anyone who experiences intense emotional reactions (triggering, distress, anxiety, panic) during the Film Festival can approach our Safety & Care crew (identified by RED badges) or Front Desk to be connected to Crisis Counselors who will be available at all screenings. Content Warnings are listed for each film.

Additional Resources

San Francisco Women Against Rape Crisis Hotline: 415-647-7273

Asian Women's Shelter Crisis Line: 1-877-751-0880

Community United Against Violence Safety Line: 415-333-4357

Trans Lifeline Hotline: US: 877-565-8860 / Canada: 877-330-6366

Quiet Space

There is a quiet, low-stim space away from the intense stimulation of our audiences.

Please approach our Safety & Care crew (identified by RED badges) to be directed to this space.


All Genders

All genders are welcome in the wheelchair accessible restrooms.

There are mobile HEPA air filters in both restrooms.

EMF Safety

EMF Safety

There are LEDs in the lobbies, bathrooms, and seating areas of the theater. There are work lights on stage. The entire building has Wi-Fi. We ask that audiences do NOT use cell phones except for urgent matters.

Online Viewing


There will be an online Encore Screening after the Film Festival to allow us to include as many people as possible, such as those who can't attend in person or are located internationally. Sign up on our mailing list to be the first to hear about the Encore Screening dates when they're announced!

Panel conversations and Filmmaker Q&As will be recorded with ASL interpretation and open captions for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. Speakers will be asked to provide brief visual descriptions about themselves for the Blind and Low Vision.

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